August 2023: Candace Pratt - Mixed Media, Glass & Fiber

“Melting Pot – Vessels” for Unity is a blending of both materials and techniques. These baskets and vessels hold dear all that intertwines the values and truths of an equitable society.  They combine my love of glass and fiber to highlight the richness of diversity as represented by food, culture, and regions of the world.  The commonality of our shared endeavors binds us into an ever-greater melting pot. Technique: The bases of the baskets and vessels are made of glass using a high-temperature kiln firing technique called ‘pot melts’ to blend the glass colors. Traditional basket-weaving techniques are used to weave each vessel such as over/under, twining, and diamond stitch. Materials:  Mixed Media glass and fiber. Glass: stringer, frit and sheet glass. “Fiber: flat and round reed, yarn, beads, and other embellishments.