August 2013: Iver and Jennifer Hennig

The team of Iver and Jennifer Hennig create one-of-a kind ceramic sculptures. Continually working to transform clay beyond its boundaries, Iver and Jennifer combine their efforts to produce a unique body of work. Their stoneware pieces are created individually to have both the functionality of pottery and the artistic expression of sculpture. The collaborative body of work has a representational element as it plays with natural forms. A respect for clay and a sense of enjoyment and humor can be found with their one-of-a-kind pieces. They both work in stoneware clay that is painted with a combination of underglazes, stains, oxides and glazes.

Iver Hennig Using high-fired stoneware, Iver Hennig creates works that incorporates the creatures of the earth interacting with a variety of organic and mechanical forms. Each piece represents a narrative idea inviting the viewer to contemplate meaning and add a little humor to their life.

Jennifer Hennig Communicating in the time capsulated medium of ceramics, Jennifer Hennig's work focuses on the creatures of the planet affected by human activity, giving it a touch of humor so that it's more easily swallowed.   She makes light of her views of the environment in the medium of clay sculpture to amuse and bring a message through.