August 2004: Father & Daughter: Gary and Nicole Rawlins

Gary Rawlins works in a variety of mediums including drawings, lithographs and oil paintings.  In his drawing and prints, draftsmanship is his major concern; in paintings, color and texture.  Subject matter, for him, has centered on the human form with images selected in a rather eclectic manner.  Recent work involves the introduction of old images in new contexts.  They are either modified or juxtaposed with something new in order to change the original intent, sometimes producing rather bizarre effects.  These works are presented with the intent to help the viewer see familiar images in new, and hopefully stimulating, contexts.  

Nicole Rawlins– art focuses on people and relationships. Her series, "Archetypes",  was inspired by a performance piece by dancer/choreographer Katja Biesanz. Rawlins has taken Katja' forms and isolated them by placing them in a minimalist environment.  Another series of prints, titled "Crowd Pieces", also take their inspiration from the dance performance by Katja ' this time, the audience.  As Rawlins explains  "I love watching watchers. Taking them out of context-looking to see through them and guess at what they are seeing. How they hold themselves".  Nicole Rawlins medium is intaglio printmaking which includes etching, mezzotints, spit bite, drypoint, roulette, soft ground and ink lift.