April 2007: Martin Anderson & Jeff Phegley

An exploration the human condition is the focus of the next show at the Guardino Gallery. Martin Anderson’s paintings deals with people interacting; whereas Jeff Phegley’s work features a more introverted view of man. The show opens with a reception for the artists on last Thursday, March 29, 6-9 pm and runs through April 24.

Martin Anderson will be showing paintings influenced by people and their stories. His paintings teem with atmosphere. Focusing on interesting characters, working people and musicians, his work is populated with people engaged in activity. He seems to have a special interest in street scenes and the feel of nightlife, the music scene and street entertainment. Working from drawings, Anderson works with acrylic paint, charcoal & prismacolor.

Jeff Phegley uses cigar boxes as a mount for his small paintings. The idea of tiny, separate worlds inside these wooden cases intrigued him. The works in this series address physical and mental isolation. Figures dominate the landscapes with intense expressions of doubt, anxiety and wonderment, echoing his thoughts on subjects such as technological advancement, flight, and escapism. Phegley will also have intaglio prints on display.