17th Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead Show at the Gallery is Portland's interpretation of the popular Mexican Day of the Dead celebration of life and remembrance of those who passed. Local artists were challenged to make art inspired to commemorate our ancestors and departed loved ones. The art works ranges from whimsical to painfully personal to celebrating this Latino tradition in their own personal way.

Participating Artists: Autumn Anglin, Scot Cameron-Bell, Kirsten Page Bennett, Dave Benz, Stephanie Brockway, Nora Brodnicki, Teal Buehler, Matt Burlingame, Shelly Caldwell, Richard Cutshall, Jennifer Gillia Cutshall, James Dowlen, Gene Flores, Preston Frase, Teo Guardino, Jen & Iver Hennig, Wayne Jiang, Marcia Jeglum, Janet Julian, Mavis Leahy, Wendy Wallin-Malinow, Hickory Mertsching, Mateo Neivert, Gail Owen, Michael Pratt, Thomas Rude, Frank Salcido, Elizabeth Shupe, Kate Simmons, Mike Wellins, Anna Wiancko-Chasman, Robyn Williams, Cathie Joy Young, Rachael Young, Kia Zora