April 2017: Zebith Thalden

Zebith Thalden shares her enthusiasm for the world of insects through her artwork. She expresses, “I am in awe of the numerous species of our planet: living, extinct, undiscovered, and yet to evolve. The thought of this expansive enormity is an underlying theme of my paintings and realistic 3-dimensional sculptures.” She presents actual species along side invented ones, leaving it to the viewer to ponder which creatures roam the earth and which do not. The piece shown, titled “Cecropia Moth” includes insects made from paper, forged wire, acrylic paint and Prismacolored pencil. The 2-dimensional background merges her sculptural work with her detail landscape photography. An actual twig is used as a perch. Through this artwork she hopes to, “create conversations, deep engagement with the natural world, a rich celebration of the unknown, and a desire to protect nature’s incredible diversity.”